Erin Mendenhall is endorsed by Salt Lake City’s working families and an incrediblelineup of leaders from within Salt Lake City.

Former Mayor Ted Wilson

“Erin Mendenhall is a real leader. Her work with the Salt Lake City Council and as a leader in the fight for clean air will make her a great mayor. She’s got my vote.”

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Former Mayoral Candidate David Ibarra

“We need proven city leadership in Salt Lake City and Erin is ready to lead. Her experience and knowledge on issues including clean air, the Inland Port, and the shelter-resistant homeless population is second to none. I have shared the debate stage with her and have heard her vision of what Salt Lake City should […]

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State Senator Derek Kitchen

“Erin Mendenhall is the best candidate for Salt Lake City. She knows the city better than anyone else. Erin has served two terms as Councilwoman. She knows the City budget inside and out, she knows how our process works and where it can be improved. She is policy focused and knows how to make City […]

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Salt Lake City Firefighters Local 81

“Erin Mendenhall gets it. She’s a strong advocate for public safety and regularly meets with first responders to see how we can all do better. Salt Lake City firefighters are proud to endorse Erin for mayor. She always has our back, so we can have yours.”

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Former Congresswoman Karen Shepherd

“I’m supporting Erin because her vision for Salt Lake City is a city I want my two grandchildren to live in. She has been on the job for six years thinking about what could be and learning how to manage and motivate the people and the organization within the City to make things happen. Salt […]

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American Federation of Teachers – Utah

“Erin Mendenhall demonstrates her commitment to public education each and every day, which is why the American Federation of Teachers – Utah, standing in solidarity with our union brothers and sisters and the Utah AFL-CIO, proudly endorses Erin Mendenhall for Salt Lake City Mayor. Erin has long stood with public employees and working families. She […]

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City Council Chair Charlie Luke (District 6)

“Salt Lake City needs a Mayor who has the leadership and proven record to effectively lead and manage the City. Erin Mendenhall will be that Mayor. I’ve worked side-by-side with Erin for six years on the City Council. She knows how city government should work, and will use that expertise to repair our roads, protect […]

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Salt Lake City Police Association

“Salt Lake City Police Association is pleased to announce we are endorsing Erin Mendenhall for Salt Lake City mayor. Erin has been a champion when it comes to supporting the police department and the tasks we handle from day to day. We look forward to fostering a stronger relationship with Erin as she takes over […]

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Councilwoman Amy Fowler (District 7)

“After 12 years of being governed by former state legislators, I believe Salt Lake City needs a mayor who knows how the city government actually works and how to deliver real results for city residents. That’s why I’m endorsing Erin Mendenhall for mayor. “Erin and I don’t always agree, and I still think she asks […]

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“Since first being elected to the City Council in 2014, Erin Mendenhall has been a friend and important ally of Labor. We believe Erin has the knowledge, skill, and experience necessary to lead Salt Lake City as its next mayor.”

Councilmember Chris Wharton (District 3)

“I’ve worked with Erin in the trenches on funding streets, parks, public utilities, and affordable housing. She is the candidate who can get thing done.”

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AFSCME Local 1004

Councilmember James Rogers (District 1)

“As a fifth-generation Rose Park resident, Erin Mendenhall has earned my respect, my endorsement, and my vote. “Erin has consistently worked with me on many West Side issues — affordable housing, the Folsom Trail, the North Temple bridge, expanded bus routes, protecting Rose Park golf course — and she truly went to bat for the […]

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Operating Engineers Local 3

Ballpark Community Council Chair Amy Hawkins

“I endorse Erin Mendenhall for mayor because of her ability to communicate with empathy and precision. Whether it’s a hard decision with a handful of citizens or a policy disagreement with a roomful of legislators, Erin engages with her whole, authentic self. She listens and speaks with attentiveness and grace. She doesn’t turn away from […]

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Central Utah Federation of Labor

“There are very few people who care about working families like Erin Mendenhall. She understands the fight of working families and truly cares about the employees of Salt Lake City. I can not tell you how many times I have received calls and text messages from Erin asking questions and seeking advice on how to […]

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Sugar House Community Council Chair Landon Clark

“I support Erin Mendenhall because of her ability to connect to the community. She understands how to utilize and listen to the community, and in turn, to help the community. Erin will make a great mayor and I’m proud to endorse her.”

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Communications Workers of America Local 7704

Liberty Wells Community Council Chair Sara Adelman

“I’ve been impressed with Erin ever since I met her at a community council meeting five years ago. Erin has a passion not just for city policy but also for the real people whose lives are impacted by those policies. She is earnest, energetic, and extremely attentive to community needs. She understands the issues that […]

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Professional Firefighters of Utah

East Liberty Park Community Organization Co-Chair Jason Stevenson

“I’m really glad to endorse Erin Mendenhall for Salt Lake City Mayor. I was thinking about this: when you’re choosing your next mayor, you’re choosing someone that you’re going to go on a four-year roadtrip with. And that’s a tough decision. And you’re choosing someone who’ll be in the driver’s seat. You know, you want […]

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IBEW Local 354

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East Liberty Park Community Organization Co-Chair Darryl High

National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 111

“Given Erin’s support of the post office and her continual advocacy on issues that directly involve the working class and the survival of the post office, we wholeheartedly endorse Erin. There’s no other choice. The post office employs the most veterans of any private or governmental employer, and our service to the nation is unequivocally […]

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Central 9th Community Council Chair Paul Johnson

“I met Erin in the heart of the Central 9th the night she was first elected to represent our neighborhood on the City Council. From that day on, Erin has been more than a member of the Council… she’s been a tireless advocate and, most importantly, a friend to our neighborhood. Erin listens and understands […]

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Ironworkers Local 27

“Erin has a decade of experience working in advocacy, education, policy, and legislation. Erin has the experience and understanding of what unions and working families need. She will work to lower the cost of living for everyone in Salt Lake City by creating incentives for companies that hire local, hire union, and pay better. Erin […]

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LGBTQ+ activist and pioneer Nikki Boyer

“As a queer activist and pioneer of Utah’s LGBTQ+ community, I believe that Erin Mendenhall is the leader that Salt Lake City needs as mayor. Salt Lake City needs a leader that is ready on Day One. Erin is a natural problem solver that has spent her two terms in city council learning how to […]

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Arts and community leader Crystal Young-Otterstrom

“Erin is my candidate for Mayor because I’ve seen her vision and grit up close for years. She has worked with me on dozens of issues over the years that benefit the humanities and arts, as well as on community projects. I’ve seen her bring diverse and often disagreeing stakeholders together on projects. She has […]

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Former Mayoral Candidate Christian Harrison

“As chair of the Downtown Community Council for 13 years, I proudly served my neighbors and the people of Salt Lake City. And for 6 of those years, I was fortunate enough to work beside Erin Mendenhall in her service on the City Council and the RDA Board. It was an honor and a delight […]

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International Association of Firefighters

Laborers Local 295

Sheet Metal Workers Local 312


UA 140 Plumbers and Pipefitters

Utah Building Trades

Utah Cultural Alliance

Rating: A+

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Climate activist Bill Barron

“I’m really glad to endorse Erin Mendenhall for Salt Lake City Mayor. I was thinking about this: when you’re choosing your next mayor, you’re choosing someone that you’re going to go on a four-year roadtrip with. And that’s a tough decision. And you’re choosing someone who’ll be in the driver’s seat. You know, you want […]

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