The Inland Port situation is outrageous.

It is outrageous that the state stole our land and tax revenue for the Inland Port, and will subject Salt Lake City air to new pollution. There is no port in the world right now clean enough to earn Erin’s support.

But anger is not a strategy… and the city’s lawsuit over the Port won’t be enough to prevent it from being built. Erin Mendenhall has the expertise and experience to work the Inland Port problem from every angle.

  • Continue the lawsuit against the state to help city taxpayers get our tax revenue back
  • Keep the city’s seat at the table to negotiate for the best possible outcome for us
  • Fight to protect our air quality from getting even worse because of new pollution

While others were busy giving angry speeches, Erin Mendenhall was getting results for our city.

Snarky tweets, passionate speeches, and the city lawsuit aren’t going to be enough to protect Salt Lake City’s air from the Inland Port. We need a mayor with the experience and expertise to win the best possible outcome for Salt Lake City residents.


Inland Port Timeline

Image of KUER news story with the headline "Where's the mayor?" Bikupski Pulls Out of Inland Port Negotiations

December 3, 2016
Mayor Biskupski publishes an op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune laying out her plan to create the Inland Port.

January 31, 2018
Mayor Biskupski signs contracts with local property owners guaranteeing their development rights.

March 7, 2018
The Utah Legislature passes a bill to cut the city out of the development of the Inland Port. The bill:

  • Prevents us from stopping damage to air quality
  • Takes 100% of tax revenue generated in the inland port area — stealing future funding for our schools, roads, public safety, and housing
  • Forces city taxpayers to pay for police and fire coverage for the Inland Port area
  • Denies the city’s mayor a seat on the Inland Port Authority and waters down the city’s power

March 2018
Mayor Biskupski abandons Inland Port negotiations with the state.

April 2018
With plans for the port proceeding without us, City Council Chair Erin Mendenhall re-opens negotiations with the state on behalf of Salt Lake City taxpayers to ensure they are represented in discussions.

Screenshot of facebook post from Derek Kitchen

July 18, 2018
The State Legislature passes improvements negotiated by the City Council. The new bill:

  • Ensures the Port pay the city for its share of taxes to cover the cost of city services, including police and fire
  • Requires 10% of tax revenue generated by the Port area to be invested in affordable housing through Salt Lake City
  • Requires the Port area to comply with city codes and public-utility requirements

March 11, 2019
City files lawsuit against the State of Utah over its theft of city tax revenue and land-use authority.

The state and Inland Port Authority are proceeding with their plans to build the Inland Port. The Mayor’s office still refuses to participate in negotiations.