Work with young people to reduce the threat of gun violence

We all live in fear that the gun violence epidemic that has plagued too many schools around the country will come to Salt Lake City’s public schools. But not all gun violence involves mass shootings. Suicide is the leading cause of death for teenagers in Utah and domestic violence affects thousands of Utahns. These issues demand a response that looks as much at preventing violence as limiting access to firearms. As mayor, Erin will:

  • Bring the Mayor’s Commission on Gun Violence together with the City Council and the Salt Lake City Police Department to not just talk about good ideas for preventing gun violence, but to find paths to implementation;
  • Explore ways the city could help increase the number of guidance counselors in Salt Lake City school to be a resource for students at risk of suicide; and
  • Join Mayors Against Illegal Guns and work with Everytown, Giffords, and March For Our Lives to try to change Utah’s gun laws in a way that will make young Salt Lakers safer.