Win the best possible outcome from the Inland Port situation

After state lawmakers passed an outrageous law to steal Salt Lake City’s land-use authority and tax revenue to build the Inland Port, Mayor Biskupski walked away… and Erin stepped up.

As chair of the City Council, Erin led negotiations with state lawmakers that ensured the Port would pay the city for its share of taxes to cover the cost of city services, required 10 percent of tax revenue generated by the Port area to be invested in affordable housing through Salt Lake City, and required the Port area to comply with city codes and public-utility requirements.

As we consider the city’s strategy moving forward, Erin knows we can’t put all our eggs in one basket. The city’s lawsuit is simply about tax revenue and land-use authority — even if we win, it won’t kill the Port. We have to try everything we can to get the best outcome possible for our air quality, open spaces, and economy. As mayor, Erin will:

  • Keep her seat at the table to ensure city taxpayers are fully represented in negotiations with property owners and the state so city residents get as much as they can;
  • Continue the lawsuit against the state’s outrageous theft of city land and tax revenue; and
  • Work with neighboring cities also affected by the Port to ensure our legal rights are protected over the long term.