Improve air quality for Salt Lake City families

When Erin learned that the air quality in Salt Lake City could take two years off her then-newborn son’s life, instead of giving up, she dug in. No one will work harder as mayor to improve the quality of the air we breathe here in Salt Lake City than Erin Mendenhall.

On the City Council, Erin expanded our bus routes to give Salt Lake City residents a less expensive option for getting around the city, to make the system more geographically equitable, and to get more cars off our crowded streets. Three new routes come online in August.

As mayor, Erin will:

  • Help more Salt Lake City residents swap their polluting snowblowers and lawn mowers for climate-friendly electric ones;
  • Expand city bus routes to take more cars off the road while moving the system to an all-electric bus fleet;
  • Expand Hive Pass access to businesses and employees in SLC;
  • Raise the environmental standards for new construction the city invests in and incentivize the installation of solar panels and other green technology;
  • Target the city’s incentives for green retrofits at the dirtiest buildings in the city to get the biggest bang out of our precious taxpayer dollars; and
  • Reduce the city’s carbon footprint by negotiating with Rocky Mountain Power to accelerate the city’s transition to carbon-neutral and renewable energy sources.