Fix the city’s broken roads and crumbling infrastructure

Driving on Salt Lake City’s roads should not feel like navigating an obstacle course. For too long, the city has failed to keep up with our broken roads and crumbling infrastructure.

On the City Council, Erin doubled the number of workers fixing our city’s roads. They’re out on our roads now and next year we’ll have fixed twice as many miles of roadway as we did last year.

As mayor, Erin will:

  • Accelerate street repairs and use the Salt Lake City app to increase the city’s response time for filing potholes;
  • Stop giving away tax dollars to developers by failing to properly invest “impact fees” and start pursuing federal grants for infrastructure projects again;
  • Tap into new revenue streams for financing road improvements without increasing the burden on taxpayers; and
  • Create the first new strategic plan for the city’s roads and infrastructure in more than two decades.