Expand the city’s safe and affordable housing options

Every resident of Salt Lake City deserves a safe, affordable home. Young people who grow up here can’t afford to stay here, creating a massive drain on our economy, and residents living on fixed incomes are being squeezed out.

On the City Council, Erin led a $21 million initiative through the Redevelopment Agency to create public-private partnerships to expand affordable housing. She also helped create an ongoing revenue stream to support the Housing Trust Fund to get people into homes and keep them there.

As mayor, Erin will:

  • Prevent housing displacement with more low-income loans and by protecting existing affordable housing from demolition;
  • Ensure the Olympic Village housing — should Salt Lake City win the 2030 Olympics — is converted to affordable housing for the community;
  • Create incentives for companies to hire local, hire union, and pay better; and
  • Update enforcement codes to force landlords to address black mold, standing water, and other hazards common to rental units.