Address the city’s growing homelessness crisis

The imminent reduction in beds for the city’s homeless population because of the closure of the Road Home may leave hundreds of Salt Lakers without a safe place to sleep. Whether they have a home or not, these people are our neighbors and we need to work to help them. As Mayor, Erin will:

  • Engage the state, county, downtown businesses, and residents on a plan for accommodating homeless residents in the winter and when the shelters are full, creating a seasonal, low-barrier emergency shelter with community partners;
  • Double-down on our partnership with Volunteers for America, and properly fund our Downtown Ambassadors and Park Ranger programs to prevent evictions and homelessness by connecting more at-risk people with supportive services;
  • Work to reduce no-fault evictions through strengthening tenants’ rights ordinances, increasing landlord compliance related to fair treatment of tenants.