Mayor Mendenhall has mobilized extraordinary resources to address the homelessness crisis.

Salt Lake City’s unsheltered residents are our neighbors and should be treated with compassion.

As a nation, we are failing to create affordable, accessible housing inventory; to limit housing-market manipulation; to control medical costs; to pay living wages; to support workers’ right to organize; to limit corporate exploitation and price gouging; to prevent and treat addiction; and to provide mental health services. And for as long as that is the case, homelessness in our state will continue to manifest on the streets of our capital city.

Even before the crisis worsened at the start of the pandemic, Mayor Mendenhall began executing a strategy designed not only to meet the immediate needs of our unsheltered neighbors, but in reforming the way the city engages in homelessness work over the long term.

Mayor Mendenhall has studiously rebuilt the burned bridges of the past, forging an unprecedented degree of coordination, investment, and partnership between the city, state, county, and non-profits. Salt Lake City doesn’t have the resources or personnel to address the statewide crisis on its own, and for too long has borne an unreasonable share of responsibility for addressing it. Mayor Mendenhall has worked hard — and successfully — to get others to step up.